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Argan Riaya

ARGAN Riaya Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation, is the first private hospital in Kuwait, providing holistic Medical Rehabilitation. Services include evidence based, multi-disciplinary, outpatient and daycare programs delivered in a luxury setting. ARGAN Riaya’s healthcare professionals are committed to improve and maintain function, using state-of-the-art technology and global best practices

We provide integrative medical and physical rehabilitation with a large multi-disciplinary.

Our Physicians

Our Physicians

At Argan Riaya , our A-Team Physicians are specialized in wide range of medical rehabilitation practices. They provide expertise and care throughout our many specialty departments to deliver to you the care you need.

Our Rehabilitation

Senior Rehabilitation

ARGAN Riaya Seniors rehabilitation program provides services to persons, over the age of 65 years, who present with a loss of physical and/or cognitive impairment in their senior age. Our aim is to assist senior patients to regain the greatest amount of independence and enjoy the highest quality of life. This will be achieved through the coordination of available medical and therapeutic services with the patient and their family at the center of his or her care.

Adult Rehabilitation

The Adult Rehabilitation program treat patients of age group 16 to 65 years old. The program provides assessment and treatment for people with musculoskeletal and/or spinal conditions, this will be achieved through the coordination of available medical and therapeutic services.

Child & Adolescent Rehabilitation

At ARGAN Riaya, the Children and Adolescents program uses an individualized, developmental, and age-appropriate approach to rehabilitation, which ensures that care, focuses on preventing further impairment, reducing activity limitations, and minimizing participation restrictions while maximizing growth and development.

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